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Native Drums

"My Beautiful People"
Interceding, Serving, & Continuing to Care for the First Nations People of Turtle Island (North America) and Around The World

Building Relationships and Interceding for Native America-

Our ​journey in ministering to Native Americans began in 2008, when our Founder and President of Singing Feather Ministries, picked up an old book off of a dusty bookshelf and had an encounter with God. "Cindy, do you love California? Will you pray for California? Will you pray from a place of knowledge and understanding? It all starts with Native Americans". 

This first encounter had lead to hours and then turned to years of intercession, not only for California Natives, but for Native America in general.  As with anything, when you intercede for something or someone, a deep desire to meet needs and show love in practical ways begins to emerge. This happened in late 2008, when Cindy began to ask the Lord if there was something more she could do.  His answer was clear and with a promise, "If you do Isaiah 58, I will do Isaiah 58." This began a journey of discovering what it looks like to give benevolence without pity, giving honor where honor is do, and expecting an answer from God regarding His promises.  Cindy can often be heard saying, "It isn't us that is needed, it is HIM, and we will do whatever we need to, to make a way for Jesus to be fully known for all that He is, in all of His love, for His glory alone." 


Over the years the Lord has broadened our vision to include Native Nations outside of California and throughout the world, wherever He leads. As part of this expanding of their "tent pegs",

Some of the many ways that we minister to Native communities is through gifts of food, clothing, bibles, prayer, encouragement, and mentorship.  As a ministry, we seek to understand the support that is needed and then call on others to help us meet the need.  Often times, you will find us ministering to families in their homes, visiting native friends and loved ones in jail, or the hospital, or simply praying for those in native ministry on the phone and in person. 

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I have known Cindy and Justin for years. We have prayed together, cried together, worshipped together, served together. They love with their whole being. Although we are not close in miles, we are forever tied together in love. 

—  Brandy Gavenda

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