Ministry to indigenous cultures can be overwhelming, especially on Native American reservations.  Too many have given up when they have come face to face with the brokeness of a hurting people.  The suicide rates are astronomical, drug and alcoholism an epidemic, incest and abuse almost "normal".  Many Native Americans have suffered from PTSD for too long and are spinning on a broken wheel of abuse that was created by the genocidal policy's of our government and religious institutions, not too long ago.  The only remedy is The Healer.  

Our mentality and motivation shouldn't be to "fix" them, but to love them.  And love and friendship is all that any of us really need, and no one is better at that, than Jesus.  

Love covers a multitude of sins, done to us and by us. 1Peter 4:8


Our weapon is worship, our "ministry tool" is prayer, and our hope is in Jesus.

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