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Singing Feather Ministries

“The beauty of Native America is not merely measured by what our natural eyes can see. It runs deep. Their beauty is complex and intricate, it is a mixture of the beauty given to them by their Creator and beauty that is like gold, purified and refined by fire, like coal after much pressure and darkness becomes a beautiful diamond reflecting the Creator's light.

Many in Native America have remained hidden in a cocoon of injustice, unimaginable hardship, pain, addiction, incest, and depression.  But all is not lost.

God sees something beautiful...lying deep within. Full of color and life. He knows that they are emerging from their sleepy cocoon and all the world will soon marvel at their beauty, their strength...they are free and they will fly. Oh, the beauty of Native America....your greatest most radiant days are just ahead!”  ~ Cindy Butow 

man holding his sacred drum in the clear sky, close up on hand holding native American dru

Serving Tribal Communities 
For Over 15 years

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